Friday, October 12, 2012

Everything That's On Bob's Mind: Proof of Heaven?

Bob Mitton has an interesting post discussing the book Proof of Heaven in his latest blog post. Anyone who's read what I've written on NT Wright's Surprised by Hope will know that I like where he's going here:
In the end, my greatest concern is that this book will cause Christians to once again over-emphasize the idea of a disembodied heaven as our ultimate destiny. Whatever heaven (or as Jesus called it: "Paradise") may be, it is not permanent. The hope of Christianity is NOT floating around disembodied on butterfly wings. The hope of Christianity, as the Apostle Paul so clearly stated, is the physical resurrection of our bodies in the same way that Jesus was physically resurrected. Whatever the new heavens and earth will be, it will be inhabited by physical beings resurrected by the power of God.
Check it out.