Saturday, July 08, 2006

Check Out Jesus Creed

Clicking on links has finally paid off. It's almost scary how much Scot McKnight's blog Jesus Creed is resonating with me. McKnight is a professor of religious studies at North Park University in Chicago, and is the first person identified with the Emerging Movement who really makes sense to me. He doesn't seem to be simply rejecting rationality, or rejecting more traditional forms of church, or traditional doctrines, but he does seem to want to reach out to people who have been disaffected by the Church.

The first set of posts that caught my eye is his current Zealotry series. Among his many good points is the astute observation that building a "fence" around God's commandments betrays a lack of faith that God's Word is sufficient to keep us in Him. He's got a very interesting series going on Romans, and of course, his Post-Calvinism series is most intriguing.

I think I can learn a lot from this guy. So far, he looks like who I wanted to become when I was in seminary.

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