Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Some good reasons to click away from this blog

Scot McKnight discusses the various "impulses" driving the emerging movement, which functions for me as a (finally!) much-needed explanation of what it's all about. It probably helps that he acknowledges not speaking for anyone else - he can let the cat out of the bag, but it's only his "opinion." Oh, and he discusses the relationship between the emerging movement and creedal orthodoxy.

In related news, Earl Creps takes a look at whether EmChurch is a sectarian movement or the Reformational movement that was hoped for a few years ago. Among other things, Earl discusses "the drag of the practical" - that it's harder to implement ideas than it is to theorize in the abstract. So "postmodern vs. modern" may largely boil down to "youthful idealism vs. mature realism." I remember my days of thinking I was going to reform the Church as well.

Just in case there's someone here who doesn'talready read Pastor Bob's blog, he's currently doing a series on the will of God. So far it's been mainly Bible, Bible, Bible, but I'm hoping at some point he'll give us Seven Surefire Steps, which will include donating to his ministry for a blessed Magic 8 Ball.

Also, for those of you who use blog services (like Blogger) that don't use trackback, there's a Manual Trackback Pinger that will let you leave trackbacks on sites that do use trackback. I use this frequently.


  1. Pastor Bob's blog pales in comparison to the thrill it is to bask in his presence over 80% of the work week. I feel as though I am all of the children of Israel and should request he wear a veil in my presence. While he may not have yet published the 7 SureFire Steps, he's been working on a dozen with me out loud, and they are indeed sure to set fires. Reminds me of what they did to Zach Miner a couple weeks back in the dugout...

  2. Thanks Keith, but I must prod you to spell my name right or my mother will likely write you a note:

    Scot McKnight

  3. Scot -

    Oh, man! I am really, really sorry. I think I've fixed it wherever it appears. Thank you for letting me know instead of letting me continue displaying my carelessness!