Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Expandable Posts in Main Page

I'd like to thank both Hans and Ramani for their joint work on "Super Peek-A-Boo Posts," a hack for Blogger Beta that allows posts on main and archive pages to appear condensed, with a link reading "Read More" that expands the post to its full size, and then another link reading "Summary Only" at the end of the full-size post that allows you to condense the post back to its first few lines. (Short posts like this one won't be affected.)

If you are using Blogger Beta and would like to implement this hack, click on either of the two hyperlinked names to get to their site that shows how to set it up. Also, if you restrict javascript, you may need to allow it for in order to see the effect; I believe that if you don't allow it, you'll simply see the full text of all posts without any being condensed (i.e., the way it's always looked before).

Once again, thanks guys.

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