Saturday, April 05, 2008

What's the Atmosphere in Your Home?

Jim Martin writes a terrific post about the emotional atmosphere in homes. This might possibly be one of the most important and neglected issues that almost all of us deal with. None of us control the atmosphere in our homes totally (unless, perhaps, in a negative way). But we all contribute.

Check it out.

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Marriage, Family, and the Image of God

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  1. Hi Keith,

    I find myself trying very hard, with only limited success, to be half the parent that my parents were. (of course, my dad wasn't gone off on military duty for years at a stretch either) We read books together, sang songs together, and talked about the shows we watched on TV. In short, my parents, despite their busy lives, made time to be interested in the things that I found interesting.

    Today, we have more "demands" on our time. Back then we had three channels on the TV- seven channels if your TV had a UHF dial. Now we can get hundreds of channels, not to mention the internet. The very things that "bring the world closer" are making families more distant, even when physically they are under the same roof.

    I find a great need in my own life to guard against the "tyranny of the urgent," and make time for the things that are truly important, like spending time with my children. Even the "kid's night out with dad" that I do once a month with myself and just one child, for some quality time, has devolved into a shopping trip. Instead of learning about each others interests, it has become a race to get more stuff. It's a problem I'm going to try mighty hard to solve when I get home from the current deployment.

    Anyway, great post, lots to think about. Thanks for putting it on your site.

    Grace and peace, Dave