Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Prayer for Rick Warren

Father in Heaven, I pray for Your servant Rick. He's been given the honor of invoking Your Name and Your blessing in the presidential inauguration, and He's been made a lightning rod of controversy. Please help him to stand up under it.

Give him wisdom in what to say. Let him first and foremost truly pray to You, and not merely recite words for the consumption of the crowds. May his words truly invite Your presence and Your wisdom for our nation's leaders in the coming years.

May his demeanor display the love of Christ and the truth of Your Word. May he not pander, either to the religious or to the irreligious, but rather say precisely and only what You would have him say. May the occasion be blessed. May no one feel excluded from the fellowship you desire to have with them; and may no one fail to be challenged to change from those things that would displease You, things that exist in all of our lives.

May we learn to pray for our leaders, both in the church and in the government, more than criticize. May we learn to love our enemies and pray for them, as You have told us to do.

In Jesus' name, Amen.


  1. Keith,

    I trust your Christmas a joy and your new year an exciting journey.

    May I also add the Amen to your prayer for our Brother Rick.

    With that, I am...


  2. It truly is a travesty when Christians get upset with a brother for being willing to pray for someone.

  3. Great post, Keith. I like your perspective. I landed on this site while researching a piecce on conservatives and Christians against torture. I'll be back!