Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Few Minor Repairs

I obviously haven't kept up with the site for a while, and came back to find that a few things had fallen into disrepair. Sorry if that was an inconvenience to the handful who were actually reading. I've been doing a few repairs to get things back up to speed.

Both the javascript that worked the magic for the "Read More" tags and the audio files that had the messages on the Audio page were hosted at third-party sites and eventually quit, so evidently both haven't been working for who knows how long. My apologies. I had found and imported the javascript into this site's source code a few days before Google came out with this announcement that it had created its own means of accomplishing the same thing. I'm trying out Google's version on this post.[Yeah, I tried it, it didn't work. I'll stick with what does.]

I've also uploaded my sermon files onto a more reliable platform, so they shouldn't disappear again. I also always intended to upload music files as well, but haven't gotten around to finishing any song recordings. Maybe I'll get inspired again someday.

So once again, sorry for the inconvenience if anyone experienced problems with the site over the last few months.

Additional note: it appears that the audio player doesn't work in Explorer. I'm not sure if it ever did, or if I just assumed that if it works in Firefox it will just work. (Stupid, stupid assumption, I know.) Anyway, I'll keep trying to get the bugs out, but if the player doesn't work, you should be able to right click the hyperlinked text and download the mp3 files to play in whatever way does work.


  1. Is there anything other than Firefox? :) Good to see you back.

  2. Good to see you back. Looking forward to new posts. Dave Porter

  3. Keith,
    I read your piece on Romans 9 with great interest. Do you have a Bio posted on the internet anywhere?

  4. Hi Darrell. Welcome!

    I don't really have a bio posted. I'm more of "the message is more important than the messenger" kind of guy.

    But if it helps, I'm a grad of Wayne State University (English) and Gordon Conwell (New Testament). I've pastored an independent Congregational church and worked for Teen Challenge as a counselor and teacher, but I'm presently a lay person, just helping out in my church in any way I can. I'm happily married and have three children, all boys, as well as three grown stepchildren. You can get more of a sense of who I am by reading this link.

    Also, please feel free to comment on any page, no matter how old.